Ever since Michael could talk, he envisioned a world in which people could work together and acknowledge one another as human first. He has always detested violence and war, and believes that people should be treated with respect regardless of their group affiliation. He has an innate belief that we should treat all people with respect, regardless of their beliefs, their group affiliation, age, gender or any other arbitrary classification.

He believes fervently in the principles of equality, not just of opportunity, but also of outcome to some degree. He holds the idea of liberty in high regard, a belief that government should be in the business of setting the boundaries, fairly, and should move aside to allow people to live their lives.

His overriding passion is to embrace our world and recognize the vital role that all life plays on Earth. Life is so rare in our solar system, and quite probably, the Universe. We should nurture all life and understand our responsibility to ensuring the continuum of life.


Michael is taking his passion for fairness, equality, freedom and the lives of every creature on Earth to the airwaves. His new podcast, Liberalizer hopes to promote the tripartite motto, “Life, Liberty, Equality”, and help people to live a more fulfilling life by embracing these three qualities.

While writing a blog is a particular passion, enabling his listeners to hear his voice creates a personal experience for both his listeners and for Michael. Through the airwaves, Michael believes that he can reach more people and assist them in achieving a life of purpose.

Public Speaking

Michael is an accomplished public speaker who has won a number of awards for his speaking. He honed his skills in the crucible of Toastmasters. He now takes his message of respect for our environment, and the principles of freedom and equality to a wider audience through public speaking.

The Writer

Michael has now turned his attention to the written word and brings the same dedication to excellence to this endeavor. His new non-fiction work, Depraved Indifference: Sacrificing People on the Second Amendment Altar, is the first part of an intensively researched journey through the death, injury and fear surrounding the American gun culture.

The Blogger

Michael produces a blog that mirrors his passion for life, liberty and equality in written form. Like his podcast, his blog produces articles that comment on the issues of the day and blends them into a tapestry of the fulfilled life.

Why Does He Write?

Despite the years spent as a software engineer, Michael always felt the compulsion to write. From his mid-teens, he wrote mostly novels, but without having completed one, for his youthful brain seldom dwelt on one thing for long. The need to express himself with the written word has been with him ever since. He has grand plans, and a belief that words can make a real difference to the world.


Michael Foxcroft is a Software Engineer by trade. He spent much of his working life as a designer, analyst, programmer, and local database administrator. His early career was spent in IBM mainframe system development using languages like COBOL and NATURAL, and databases like ADABAS and DB2. He subsequently moved away from mainframes to  client/server development using JAVA and MS/Access, later expanding into CSS, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL and PHP. Today, he uses the Wordpress Content Management System to create personal custom websites like this one. He is a veteran IT Professional and technical writer who has worked with companies like Morgan Stanley and Standard Bank South Africa.