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Episode 34 – This New Year, Let Us Unite America

I will discuss whether we can bring Americans back together as a nation. The current climate in America, both political and social seems hopelessly divided. It appears that almost everything divides us as a nation.

Episode 31 – Will Empathy Unite a Divided Country?

In this episode, I will discuss why I believe that empathy is the one quality that can repair a divided nation. Some people are unaware of the differences between empathy, sympathy and compassion. Yet, they are related.

Episode 29 – Does a Low Minimum Wage Legalize Slavery?

In this episode, I will discuss whether the minimum wage is just another way to legalize slavery. The United States has a history of relying on low wages or slavery to drive its economy. It is little different today.

Episode 28 – Has America Become a One Party State?

In this episode, I will discuss whether America is becoming a one-party state. With a Congress dominated by one party, there is little or no representation for the vast number of people who did not vote for that party. It is a situation that threatens to undermine democracy itself and send us hurtling into the political abyss.

Episode 21 – Three Ways to Achieve Equality

In todays episode, I will discuss three ways that we can achieve equality. It is a sad indictment of most society’s today that equality is still an ideal rather than a reality.

Episode 19 – The Power of Three

In this episode, I explore some of the concepts behind the number three. I also talk about why I am changing the focus of this podcast to be more inclusive to look at a practical method we can use to change society, or our own lives.

Episode 18 – Why Should we Pay Taxes?

In this episode I talk about taxes and why we should pay them. Should people who have and earn more get to keep the spoils of their work, or is it ethical to share and help others?

Episode 10 – Why are we Still Fighting for Civil Rights?

Today I will talk about whether Civil Rights are still worth defending. I have always believed that people should be treated equitably, with respect, whoever they are. Our own better natures can show altruism towards people who are less fortunate. I have always wanted to make this fight a reality, but I hav never understood how, or whether I can make a difference.

Episode 5 – Why are People so Obsessed with Sexuality?

I talk about sexuality to start a conversation about how we can change our approach to sexuality. We need to see people as unique in their approach to life. We must start to accept that people do not fit tidily into our preconceptions of sex and gender.

Episode 4 – Is Race a Useful Concept?

In this episode, I talk about race and how we can start a conversation that will change our percepion of race. Equality and harmony is so important to the smooth functioning of any society, that it is something that we should approach with consideration and empathy for others.

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