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Episode 36 – Is Our Right to Free Speech Under Threat?

In this episode I discuss why I believe that free speech is under threat. The current climate in the United States is threatening the very underpinnings of our rights, our freedom and our democracy. 

Episode 28 – Has America Become a One Party State?

In this episode, I will discuss whether America is becoming a one-party state. With a Congress dominated by one party, there is little or no representation for the vast number of people who did not vote for that party. It is a situation that threatens to undermine democracy itself and send us hurtling into the political abyss.

Episode 20 – What are the Three Biggest Threats to the American Republic?

There are a lot of differing ideas about what constitutes the greatest threat to the American Republic. In this episode, I discuss some of them, and give my own opinion about what I consider those threats to be. At the end, I propose a number of solutions to those threats.

Episode 19 – The Power of Three

In this episode, I explore some of the concepts behind the number three. I also talk about why I am changing the focus of this podcast to be more inclusive to look at a practical method we can use to change society, or our own lives.

Episode 17 – Are we Incapable of Tackling Gun Violence?

In this episode, will talk about how gun violence affects our society. I will present one solution that is unethical, and another that is ineffective. Then, I present a challenge to everyone regarding our solutions.

Episode 10 – Why are we Still Fighting for Civil Rights?

Today I will talk about whether Civil Rights are still worth defending. I have always believed that people should be treated equitably, with respect, whoever they are. Our own better natures can show altruism towards people who are less fortunate. I have always wanted to make this fight a reality, but I hav never understood how, or whether I can make a difference.

Episode 9 – Does American Liberal Democracy Work?

In a true democracy, the people control the government. In the United States, the People’s representatives control the government. For much of America’s past, voting was severely restricted, mostly to white men. Races other than white only received full voting rights in the early 1990’s. Voting rights have eroded steadily ever since. Corporations have increased their power over representatives, and over the voting process. The people are further removed than ever from the levers of power.

Episode 8 – Why Should we Control Firearms?

Today I will  discuss some of the reasons behind the control of firearms and why you should Liberalize your life by liberating yourself from firearms.

Episode 6 – Is Religion Useful in a Modern World?

In this episode, I will talk about religion and its place in a complex, technological society. Does Religion advance society, does it provide a source of comfort to all members of society, or does it attempt to impose itself on members of society not affiliated with that religion? Can we realistically run a modern society using rules created by a nomadic people four thousand years ago? Do our moral values stem from religious belief, or do we use other mechanisms to forge our moral values? Can a person be moral without recourse to religion? I start a conversation about these issues.

Pilot Episode

Welcome to the first episode of my new podcast, Liberalizer. Our nation has become so divided ideologically that at times we seem to be speaking different political languages. We have become so focused on what everyone else is doing wrong, that we have lost sight of the fact that we all have so much more in common than we have differences. We need to begin the difficult task of finding solutions to all our problems. This is true whether they are social, religious, environmental or political.

The purpose of this podcast is to start to find those solutions, to help you Liberalize Your Life. I will be asking the question, “How do we live lives that allow us personal freedom, while taking into account the rights of others, and our obligations to the environment?”