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Episode 41 – Why Talking Politics is the Solution to Everything

In this episode I discuss why talking politics is the solution to most of societies most intractable problems.

Episode 27 – Is a Universal Income Realistic?

In this episode, I will discuss an idea that is currently making the rounds. The concept of a Universal Basic Income appears to be on the lips of a great many people. This is not a new idea. I will discuss some of the justifications, and some of the opposition.

Episode 26 – How to Give Your Company a Social Conscience

How do you create a company with a social conscience? Increasingly companies find that it pays dividends to develop a social conscience.

Episode 25 – The Cruelty of Tax Cuts

In this episode, I will discuss why I think that tax cuts are a cruel policy. One of the favorite tools used by conservatives is the idea of the tax cut. Their idea is that if we cut back on government services, business will pick up the slack and create better services. Let’s see whether that holds up.

Episode 24 – Why Climate Change is Bad for Business

In this episode, I will discuss why I think that not taking action on climate change is really bad for business.

Episode 23 – The Three Greatest Threats to American Democracy

In this episode, I will discuss the greatest current threats to American democracy. There are so many current threats to democracy. It sometimes appears as though the entire system is under sustained attack from within and outside the country.

Episode 22 – Three Ways the GOP is Destroying our Home

In this episode, I want to discuss the ways in which the GOP is destroying the future for our children, by destroying our planet.

Episode 19 – The Power of Three

In this episode, I explore some of the concepts behind the number three. I also talk about why I am changing the focus of this podcast to be more inclusive to look at a practical method we can use to change society, or our own lives.

Episode 16 – Are we Entitled to Destroy our Environment?

In this episode, I will talk about the ethics of our interactions with the environment. Do we have an obligation to protect our environment, or are we free to exploit our planet regardless of the consequences?

Episode 15 – Why is Universal Healthcare About Freedom?

Today, we will discuss why access to Universal HealthCare is about freedom, not government intrusion. Are we truly free without access to Universal healthcare? 

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