Time To Carbon Tipping Point

the most precious commodity in our Universe

Humans love to put a value on everything. A stroll through a shopping mall, supermarket, or Big Box store reveals one human trait. Every item you see has a price attached. We value everything, from houses and vehicles to sticks of gum. Some people refer to humans as Homo Economicus (Economic Man) rather than the scientific Homo Sapiens (Man the Thinker).

There is something on which we have placed very little value unless it directly affects us. The most valuable commodity in the Universe is not gold, diamonds, or water. It is far more rare in the known Universe than all those things.


That is what this website is all about. Life, the value of life. All life, from the ubiquitous bacterium, to the majestic Redwood. 

Nothing is more precious than life.

Our Creed

We Pledge
To Join the Quest
To Save the Future
To Make Earth Green Again
We Pledge
To Heal the Harm We Do
To Stop Waste and Destruction
To keep Earth safe for life
We Pledge
To Accept the Value of Life
To Embrace the Beauty of Nature
To Restore Balance and Harmony
We Pledge
To Nurture and Honor Our World
To Keep Earth Safe For all living things


Our Planet

Join Us in the quest to save the future

This site is dedicated to those people who still care about all the Life on our magnificent planet, and want to make a difference.


Without the rich nourishment our Earth provides, life struggles to survive.


The oxygen created by a billion years of aneorobic life gave us a breathable atmosphere. Our carbon pollution is destroying that gift.


Without water, life would not exist on Earth.

Some of the people that changed our world

"Silent Spring"
Rachel Carson
“The legacy of Luna"
Julia "Butterfly" Hill
Environmental Activist
"The Life Collection" By the BBC
David Attenborough
Natural Historian
“The Crocodile Hunter"
Steve Irwin
Environmentalist and Conservationist

allow your grandchildren to enjoy our world


Visible Innovation

The solar panel is the most visible of our environmental innovations, but not necessarily the most effective.