Gun Death and Ownership: USA vs East Asia
Gun Ownership Map

A comparison of gun ownership and homicide between the U.S. and East Asia

U.S. Overall Death and Homicide by Weapon
Homicide by Weapon

A graphic representation of overall death and homicide by weapon

U.S. Gun Deaths and Injuries are Rising
Gun Ownership Map

U.S. Gun Deaths and injuries are rising steadily.

World Homicide Compared
Gun Ownership Map

Compare homicides across the globe.

Gun Ownership and Homicide Across the World
World Gun Ownership

A comparison across the world.

Gun Restrictions Work. Even in America.
Gun Deaths

A comparison of gun controls between the American states is illuminating.

How Gun Laws Lead to Gun Death
Gun Law Rank

There is a strong correlation between relatively restrictive gun laws and death rates between U.S. states.

Midwest Gun Comparison
Gun Deaths

Chicago is sometimes held up as the bastion of the nation’s gun violence problem. The truth is more nuanced.

Firearm Death Trap in the Southern States
Gun Deaths

The true tragedy of firearm deaths plays out in the American South. The lack of responsibility of legislators is clear when compared with the ceaseless deaths in that region.

The Gun Tragedy of the American West
Gun Deaths

The Western United States is a graphic illustration of the successes and failures of gun regulations.