The Solution to Climate Change

We know what the problem appears to be: dramatic changes to the Earth’s climate. Solutions are not easy to spot.

How to Use Nature to Save Our Environment

In this episode I discuss how we can study nature to help us save our environment. Nature has spent eons learning how to recycle, how to reuse its waste to nurture life. Is there a way we can emulate nature and save our planet?

Episode 24 – Why Climate Change is Bad for Business

In this episode, I will discuss why I think that not taking action on climate change is really bad for business.

Episode 22 – Three Ways the GOP is Destroying our Home

In this episode, I want to discuss the ways in which the GOP is destroying the future for our children, by destroying our planet.

Episode 16 – Are we Entitled to Destroy our Environment?

In this episode, I will talk about the ethics of our interactions with the environment. Do we have an obligation to protect our environment, or are we free to exploit our planet regardless of the consequences?

Episode 13 – How can you Live a Sustainable Life?

A sustainable life is attainable for every person on Earth. In an era of rapid technological change, we believe that all progress is good. Yet, that progress drives Climate Change by way of Global Warming, caused by Environmental Destruction. The denials of many people will not change the accelerating destruction of our environment, threatening our civilization. How do we start to live a sustainable life?

Episode 12 – Why do we Treat Animals so Badly?

In this episode, I ask the question, “Why do we Treat Animals so Badly?”

Mahatma Gandhi once said that, “The Greatness of a Nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. If that is the case, we should take a long look at our own attitude to animals. Our attitude to animals is one of apathy towards their suffering at our hands.

Episode 11 – How can we live Longer, Healthier Lives and Save the Planet

Our diets have a tangible impact on the environment, whether we realize it or not. Far too many people don’t realize that  simple changes in diet  do have lasting effects on the planet. These changes will determine the fuure of humanity, and of all life on Earth

Episode 2 – Is Climate Change the Right Term to Use?

In this episode, I will talk about my vision for the environment, and discuss why I feel that we need a new term. This is not to say that Climate Change is not the correct term, but I believe that we need a term that more accurately describes what humans are doing to the planet.